Monobasic Ester

Mono ester is derived from the condensation of mono functional carboxylic acid with mono or di functional alcohol As a class, these materials provide good viscosity index ,low pour points, good thermal stability and complete biodegradability in a cost –effective synthetic base stock

[ Application]

  • Intermediate for the manufacturing of alkanol amide
  • Lubricity additive in metal-working lubricants
  • Food chemicals, cosmetics and toiletries additives
Dibasic Ester

Dibasic ester is made esterification of a monofunctional alcohol with adipic acid, sebacic acid The dibasic esters are good lubricity and lower pour point than the monoester of equivalent viscosity Additionally, they have high viscosity index, good thermal stability, and are completely biodegradable

[ Application]

  • Lubricity additive in Metal-working/ textiles Lubricants
  • Base oil of Hydraulic Fluid
  • Lubricity additive in plasticizer
  • Food chemicals/Cosmetics and toiletries additives
  • Automotive engine Lubricants
Polyol Ester

Polyol esters comprises esters derived from the co-condensation of short to long chain fatty acids with neopentylglycol, trimethylolpropane, pentaerythritol. Polyol esters are the best in terms of thermal stability being significantly better than diester of the same viscosity.

[ Application]

  • Automotive engine Lubricants.
  • High temperature Textile fiber Lubricants.
  • Hydraulic fluid base oil / Lubricity additive in Metal-working
Complex Ester

Complex esters are derivered from the co-condensation of polyfuntional acid and polyfunctional alcohols. These products are polymeric in nature, and display the characteristic properties of polymer in general, while maintaining the advantages of esters such as excellent lubricity, thermal stability, pour points, and VI

[ Application]

  • Speciality high performance greases base oil
  • Chain lubricants base oil of high temperature
  • Room air conditioner compressor base oil
Sorbitan Fatty Acid Ester

Sorbitan fatty acid ester is made esterification of sorbitol with unsaturated ,saturated fatty acid. All kind of sorbitan fatty esters are used to emulsifier.

[ Application]

  • Emulsifier for fiber lubricant and softener
  • Emulsifier for cutting lubricant.
  • Dispersant for ink, pigment
  • Antistatic agent for synthetic textiles & resins

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