Thermal curable IR(Infrared Ray) Shielding Hard-Coat

Coat Features & Application

  • Excellent IR shielding andvisible transmittance High thermal and chemical resistance
  • High hardness and scratch resistance
  • TIR-KW Series and formulation scan be applied by manyc ommoncoating techniques as slotdie,spray,micro-gravure,and others
  • t is mainly applied for coatings on the glass
Physical Properties of TIR-KW Series
ItemUnitRepresentative value
Appearance - Dark blue liquid
Viscosity(25℃) cPs 5±4
Non Volatile Content 1) % 15±3
Solvent - Alcohol

Film Properties

Film forming Process

  • Coat on to substrates by bar coating
  • Leave at room temperature for 2min
  • Pre-baking at about 150℃ for 1min
  • Curing at about 250℃ for 30min
Coating Properties
ItemRepresentative valueTest Method
Pencil Hardness > 6H JIS 5600(500gf loaded)
Substrate Adhesion, cross hatch Pass(100/100) JIS 5600
Anti-scratch, Steel wool 1,000gf Pass Steel wool(#0000) rubbing, 10 cycles
Thermal Durability Pass AMTE Method1)
B Type
C Type
D Type
85 / 35%
80 / 50%
70 / 80%
60 / 90%
AMTE Method(2)

Coating for Electrolytic and Hot-dipped Galvanized Steel Sheet

Trivalent Chromating for Electrolytic Zinc Partsand Brightener

Non-electrolytic Zinc flake Coating on Iron and Steel parts


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